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We understand the importance of feeling confident and secure in your future. That’s why we created this program using only the most qualified and motivated individuals who will work closely with your child to prepare them for success in today’s world of innovation.

Groundbreaking Certification Endorsed By Top Innovative Companies
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It’s an transformational experience, a community,  a mindset. Become the CEO of your life. Take control of your story and jumpstart your future today! Let us help you design your future on purpose, not by default. Let this summer change your life!


students launch a business after the program


CML student retention rate


high school graduation rate


graduates who say they had an unfair advantage when applying to college


Through our immersive personal growth experiences and youth life coaching with our very own Preneurology Methodology. we will ignite students creative spark and natural capacity to innovate through building  their creative and personal confidence. We cultivate their innate entrepreneurial spirit, putting them in the right mindset for mastering personal innovation and becoming relentless problem solvers.


Through our applied learning sprints and whole part whole training incorporated during our experiences we empower youth. Through introducing and teaching youth the most relevant and emerging tools, methodologies and schools of thought we equip them with new tools and skills for them to pair with their newly ignited talents and gifts. This allows our students to solve problems through creating human centered solutions, creating value in the world on their own terms.


We connect students holistically to themselves , their communities and the fluid economy we now live in. We give students opportunities to work with real companies,organizations, professionals and leaders within their communities. We do this in order to ensure students are truly able to translate their talents, skills and interest into opportunity being self sufficient mastering personal innovation. And to utilize those talents and skills to create impact and opportunities for others on along their paths. Synergizing all of their skills and talents, we help connect up all the dots, enabling our students to take full advantage of every idea and opportunity – pairing up creativity with critical thinking and STEAM focused problem solving with analytic skills.

Our Youth Experiences

In a world where knowledge is a commodity and you can Google almost anything, we at CML believe that it’s not about what you know, but what you can do with what you know!

Imagine Me
A one-week experience where students become engineers for the first time

Strategically designed for children in grades 1-3, CML’s Imagine Me Academy is a week-long introductory experience where students become innovators, build creative confidence, and explore their interest, all while learning to be CEO of their lives for the first time

Start-Up Innovation
Our two-week foundational program and immersive experience

Held on the campuses of the most prestigious universities which have the strongest entrepreneurial culture and business communities, this is where we begin to ignite our students’ entrepreneurial spirits, build their creative confidence, and identify their unique talents, skills, and interests

Our semester based experience

Through the IncYouBator, the students learn how to use their personal brand to tell their own story to the world and to create and add value to the world on their own terms, taking their futures into their own hands as the CEOs of their own lives

CML School Clubs

CEO of My Life encourages and participates in Entrepreneurial Clubs at high schools around the country

Our clubs are open to all students who consider themselves future innovators, disruptors and who aspire to be entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Our CML High School Clubs are designed for young innovators who have great entrepreneurial ideas and the motivation to see them come to life. We seek out students who want to be the CEO of their lives, build their self-confidence and discover their interests as individuals while launching a start-up plan.