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The CEO of My Life Youth IncYOUbator holds curated transformational experiences that are for youth in grades 3rd-12th during the Summer as well as the Fall and Spring semesters during the school year.  CML Youth IncYOUbator is designed to help youth build the creative confidence to develop their own personal brands while launching start ups and professional careers for the fluid economy .


The CML Youth IncYouBator is achieves this by being  a pipeline program with 3 distinct experiences and special events to prepare youth to be the CEO of their lives. The CML Youth IncYOUbator and has two focus tracks: Intrapraneurship (corporate innovation) is for youth seeking a professional career and Entreprenurship (start up) is for youth seeking to start his or her own business.



CEO of My Life is an experience based lifestyle and global training company, providing personal innovation and entrepreneurial experience and education designed to help all humans reach their full potential and live life by design, not by default. We ignite the natural spark of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in people of all ages, background and socio-economic levels. At CML, we empower people to hone their own natural talent & leadership abilities, utilizing those skills to become self-dependent, confident and successful CEO’s of their own lives.


We have been helping individuals around the world start up their lives for over a decade. If you are an adult  who is ready to start up a burning business idea or kick off the career you’ve always dreamed of having..it’s never too late to rewrite your story.

Visit us at www.cmlglobalinstitute.com and learn how to START UP YOU.

Designing Futures on Purpose, not by Default

The world of work changes every day, with companies changing processes, products, and teams as quickly as the days go by. In a world where there is a huge gap in the market for entrepreneurial education, new graduates entering the work force must be future-proof and have the skills to personally innovate and meet the challenges to come. The CML Summer Experience helps to prepare your child to be ready for the future in innovation. We aim to provide our youth with a tailored Summer experience to ignite their creative sparks, empower them with innovation skills, and connect all of their abilities to thrive in the future. CML was founded to help guide students in identifying their natural talents and abilities, to encourage their problem solving skills, and to enable them to one day enter the innovative world with passion and excitement.


Through our interactive and online workshops, we will ignite your child’s creative spark and cultivate their confidence and entrepreneurial spirit, putting them in the right mindset for the future.


Through our immersive and tailored Summer experiences, we will empower your child by giving them the entrepreneurial skills they need alongside their traditional academic and careers education, ensuring success and self-sufficiency in the future economy.


By synergizing all of their skills and talents, we will help connect up all the dots, enabling our students to take full advantage of every idea and opportunity – matching up critical thinking with STEM skills and problem solving with analytic skills.

Preneurology Methodology – Why it Works

Our Summer Experience isn’t designed like other standard Summer camps or programs. Using the methods of Preneurology, we take pride in teaching your child a new way of life during their time with us. We instill in them a mindset that will shape their future into one of true success and inner happiness.
Our values include persistence, perseverance, innovation, leadership, and all together, entrepreneurial spirit. We aim to cultivate these values in your child as they work on recognizing and perfecting the following aptitudes in their lives:


Using the talents you already havein order to be successful and to add value, without external structure or the need for any other resources


Taking your existing talents and building an organization of like-minded people to further an idea or goal


Working for a company and developing their goals and yourself by contributing with your talents and skills


Taking a leadership role within a particular company or structure and utilizing that role to further develop your own personal talents and skills

“We teach children how to become the CEO of their own life by taking ownership for their talents and skills and truly directing their own course, to create value in the world.” – Le’Kiesha French, Founder

Pipeline of Programs – a Recipe for Success

We offer three different Youth-tailored programs designed to push your child to their full potential in innovation and entrepreneurial success.

Imagine Me Academy

The preliminary part of a CML education: an intensive but rewarding experience that runs through immersive classes and study groups from Monday to Friday for two weeks.

Start-Up Innovation Academy

For younger children, it’s never too early to begin cultivating the values and talents that drive our futures. This one-week course allows students to work with fellow peers to solve every day problems and identify their strengths.

The IncYOUbator

The second phase of the CEO of My Life experienceis a two-week programthat focuses on long-term professional developmentto successfully become part of the global start-up community.

Our Values

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Leadership by Influence




Social Good

Creative Confidence