CML School Clubs

CEO of My Life


CEO of My Life encourages and participates in Entrepreneurial Clubs at high schools around the country. Our clubs are open to all students who consider themselves future innovators, disruptors and who aspire to be entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Our CML High School Clubs are designed for young innovators who have great entrepreneurial ideas and the motivation to see them come to life. We seek out students who want to be the CEO of their lives, build their self-confidence and discover their interests as individuals while launching a start-up plan.

We are always willing and ready to provide materials to High School and Middle School teachers and club leaders who wish to begin a CML Club at their school. Please contact us for more information.


Our groundbreaking Start Up 360 curriculum provides arich experience that builds students’ creative confidence, fosters innovation and cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset to prepare youth to be innovation-ready, not just college-ready. We use the Play, Passion and Purpose Model of Harvard educator Tony Wagner, author of “Creating Innovators” along with the Design Thinking framework from the Stanford We are happy to license our curriculum to schools, and it is also accessible online.

Our unique holistic approach creates young adult leaders who influence change with the kind of 360° perspective that empowers them to reach their personal potential and realize their professional aspirations while giving back and reinvesting in their communities and global economy by designing solutions during project experiences.

We give students the opportunity to practice innovation in real-world settings with partnering companies and entrepreneurs to help sharpen their business acumen and prepare them for success in 21st century careers and business endeavors.

Students will embark on an experience through four design projects to gain “preneurship” development, and to explore and apply the unique talents, skills, and interests they identify during the course.


By becoming a CML graduate, our students are opened up to a whole new world of mentors, fellow peers, coaches and inspirational people who are available for continued support of their entrepreneurship.