Frequently Asked Questions
Tuition and Fees

Each tuition fee can vary by location and program experience. However most of our program experiences are $450 and up per week and range from 1-2 weeks long. We strive to continue to offer affordable rates for all families to take advantage of our youth training and program experiences. We are proud and confident to say we’re the most competitive in the market. Please check the APPLY page for accurate rates at your nearest location.

Refund Policy: You can submit either full tuition payment or the non-refundable tuition deposit fee of half your tuition cost in order to reserve your child’s space in a program experience. Once you have submitted your application, you must satisfy the remaining tuition balance by April 1 in order to secure your child’s space. If you are paying full tuition to benefit from the discount for doing so, you can request a refund of half of your tuition payment until March 31st.  There will be no refunds as of April 1st. No exceptions.

What Days and Times Does the Program Take Place?

Our summer experiences typically run Monday through Friday between 9am and 3pm daily. Times may vary based on location, please check your site location for accurate information. We do offer before and after care which can be added on at anytime during or after submitting your application through your profile.

What are the ages and qualifications of Academy Team Members?

All of our team that works with students are Certified CEO of My Life Facilitators and go through a certification training prior to working with our youth. Our coaches and facilitators vary in age, with all being at least 22 years of age. They are fully qualified for their role at the C.E.O. of My Life Youth IncYOUbator. Our facilitators have versatile business and educational backgrounds. We seek coaches and facilitators who are the CEO of their lives and are real life entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs  who also have a passion for empowering youth to reach their full potential. All facilitators and coaches go through a rigorous yet creative screening process and must pass a criminal background check.

What are the Ages of Students and How are They Grouped?

We accept students in grades 3-12 depending on the program experience. We hold some separate instructional sessions for Middle School and High School students during Start up Innovation, however – students will be mixed up during team projects to better reflect the workplace and business situations they will face in the real world. Students are grouped into teams for competitions based on their talents, skills and interest. We create diverse teams to challenge our students when coming up with solutions to problems.

Is Lunch Provided for Students?

Due to food allergies, we do not provide lunch for students. Students may bring their own lunch each day. With special permission, students may bring money to purchase lunch at one of the many restaurants located right outside of our doors on each campus. Students who do not have permissions to lunch alone are required to bring lunch and stay inside with staff members for the duration of the lunch break.

How do I Know that My Child Will be Safe?

Safety is the number one priority for all of us at CEO of My Life Summer Experience. We are proud to say that in the ten years the academy has existed, we’ve had no instances where safety has been an issue. We provide a thorough training for our staff, and all of our team members are First Aid and CPR certified, as well as required to pass a criminal background check.

Do You have Parent References?

We do. Please contact our office to access this information.

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