For Parents

The Importance of Parents’ Involvement

We believe that parents are crucial to the success of our young innovators and entrepreneurs.

Parents are invited to join the CML Parent Network to enhance their child’s experience.

The Parent Network will:

  • Help parents support their children while going through their experience
  • Build a network of innovative and entrepreneurial parents looking ahead into the future
  • Share resources and advice with other parents supporting their children while they are designing their future
  • Equip parents with knowledge and awareness about the many different opportunities that are available for themselves and their children, helping them navigate in the digital innovation economy

Many of our parents tell us that they weren’t sure how to support their young innovator, but not anymore. We believe that a network of parents working with their children to create the best support networks for their creativity is the best way to ensure not only the best futures for their young entrepreneurs, but also to ensure inter-generationality. The CML Parent Network will keep you up to date with the progress and entrepreneurial spirit of your young innovator and opportunities for yourself as well!

Parental testimonies are available on request.

Our Network

Our team of established business leaders and experienced CEOs will help guide you towards becoming the most successful and creative entrepreneur you can be. They are all at least 22 years of age, and are all successful entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who are specifically trained for their role on the CEO of My Life program.

If you are a CEO interested in helping advise the next generation of innovators, do get in touch with your qualifications and your vision for how you can contribute.