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CEO of My Life

At CML, we are always looking for more companies and organizations who want to work with us to help build and empower young people to begin living their dream of self-sufficiency and idea-driven success.

Our innovation partners are leading innovative companies – start-ups, small businesses, etc. – who sponsor projects for the students to work on through our Summer Experience.
Our partners include major career professionals from some of the leading organizations and companies across the globe, who serve as digital mentors to students in our incYOUbator.

If you’re ready to watch your child transform from an inexperienced young person living day-to-day with no concrete vision, to a success-driven and confident self-starter ready to tackle the challenge of today’s world, CEO of My Life has got you covered.

We are the No. 1 innovation and entrepreneurial training experience for millennials and Generation Z. AT CML, we use STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to help educate and empower your child, because we know that these skills are in our DNA. We show our students how to connect innovative and creative thinking with problem-solving skills and collaborative communication.

We have figured out the secret to truly engage today’s youth and prepare them to be literally future-proof. Once they tap into the skills, talents and abilities that come natural to them, all it takes is the right mentor and plan of action to hone these skills and teach your child to utilize them as their greatest assets. We are the only personal innovation and holistic entrepreneurial training experience available to youth.

Backed by the method of Preneurology, we don’t just focus on blueprint ideas or start-up careers, we engage and empower your child to find within themselves the core principles that make them who they are. We teach your child how to identify those principles and use them to create value in their own lives and the world around them. Your child will walk away from our program more confident, creative, self-aware, and excited about their future in the innovative economy. We build relentless problem solvers who have goals for their future and aren’t afraid to take on the challenge of achieving them.