Imagine Me

A one-week experience where students become engineers for the first time
Program Highlights

Strategically designed for children in grades 3-5, CML’s “Imagine Me” is a week-long introductory experience where students become innovators, build creative confidence, and explore their interest, all while learning to be CEO of their lives for the first time. We draw heavily from the innovation process inspired by the Stanford D. school, where we aim to prepare youth to rise and grow with the times. Each session is full of immersive projects which are constantly changing to further help our students grow and learn as times change. At Imagine Me, students begin to identify their strengths and skills, discovering how they can use their unique talents to change the world and become engineers for the first time. Students learn to solve problems with a team of fellow peers using S.T.E.M. to solve everyday problems. During the course, they will get to put their skills to work and help solve problems for brands they love and recognize like Toys R Us, Nickelodeon and Disney. They will also be able explore social innovation and S.T.E.M. entrepreneurship. Further practical application during the course includes pitching their ideas to an audience of supportive professionals, entrepreneurs and innovators from the Georgia Tech and Atlanta Innovation and Start Up Communities.

The Imagine is a small yet integral part of a whole process designed to make today’s youth future-proof. We at CML aim to assist today’s generation on identifying and honing their skills and talents for innovative success in today’s fluid economy.

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