CEO of My Life

In a world where knowledge is a commodity and you can Google almost anything,
we at CML believe that it’s not about what you know, but what you can do with what you know!

Keeping this in mind, we provide an exclusive opportunity for students to earn their way into a place where they will learn how they can add value in a fluid economy. This is an incredibly valuable opportunity because we no longer live in an industrial economy – the corporate ladder is nearly nonexistent – and learning a specific trade or earning a particular Degree is not always going to guarantee you a job.

We provide students with the empowerment to discover their voice through branding and master personal innovation.. with these skills they are future-proof, bound to stand out from the rest of the crowd in the application pool. The 21st Century fluid economy calls for innovation, and while schools are doing their part and college degrees are often prerequisites, we offer hands-on experience that cannot be found in school curriculum. We offer opportunities for youth to develop their own personal brands and discover and explore what their talents, skills and interests are. Furthermore, we show them how to apply those talents and skills to create a space for themselves in today’s fast-pace (and ever-changing) economy.

“Many times parents think that their child can only be successful by going to college, and many times some students are not eager to attend school but have an innovative and artistic mind that may lead them to owning their own business. As stated, it is vital that students have the skills needed to be successful in the workplace, at an early age so that when they do graduate from high school they have the understanding of how a business works and what it takes in order to ensure that it will run efficiently. Additionally, being able to communicate to others is key to ensuring that funding for a business is attained and relationships can be built as the business grows.”

-David Butler, City of Atlanta Public Schools
Compliance Coordinator & Program Administrator-Expanded Day

Imagine Me
A one-week immersive experience where youth become engineers for the first time in a shark tank style design innovation competition.

Strategically designed for children in grades 3-5, Imagine Me is a week-long introductory experience where students become innovators, build creative confidence, and explore their interest, all while learning to be CEO of their lives for the first time

Start-Up Innovation
Our two-week immersive experience for accelerated personal growth through agile start up competitions and design innovation challenges that change each session.

Held on the campuses of the most prestigious universities which have the strongest entrepreneurial culture and business communities, this is where we begin to ignite our students’ entrepreneurial spirits, build their creative confidence, and identify their unique talents, skills, and interests

Our school year semester based experience providing  on going support, mentorship, special events and other perks to support future leaders and innovators during the school year. 

During each semester of Incubator students in grades 6th-12th gain a partner in helping them design their future and get through the school year successfully. Students can join Incubator with a start up team they formed during the summer or simply work on their own ideas, all while helping a company create a solution for a problem through design sprints.  Youth learn how to use their personal brand to tell their own story to the world and to create and add value to the world on their own terms, taking their futures into their own hands as the CEOs of their own lives.