The IncYOUbator

Our intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship experience
Program Highlights

This membership-based program runs during the Fall and Spring semesters and is designed to help youth launch start-up companies and professional careers for the innovation economy. The IncYouBator Pipeline for Youth has two tracks: Intrapraneurship is for youth seeking a professional career in an innovation economy, and Entreprenurship is for youth seeking to start his or her own business.

The IncYouBator provides on-going training, support, life coaching and opportunities to all youth at every stage of their journey to design their future on purpose, not by default. This includes workshops, coaching, mentorships, special events, and the opportunity to gain experience through connections to real world companies and investors through earning exclusive Innovationships and Investorships.

Through the IncYouBator, the students learn how to use their personal brand to tell their own story to the world and to create and add value to the world on their own terms, taking their futures into their own hands as the CEOs of their own lives.

All of our final phase graduates qualify for our Preneur Placement program, where we connect students to our ecosystem of employers who can place the students in starter jobs. This job placement encourages them to begin earning money and building their futures through investing in themselves.

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