CEO of My Life

We understand the importance of feeling confident and secure in your future. That’s why we created this program using only the most qualified and motivated individuals who will work closely with your child to prepare them for success in today’s world of innovation.

Our team of established business leaders and experienced CEOs will help guide your child toward becoming the most successful and creative entrepreneur they can be. All of our coaches and partners are at least 22 years of age and have proven success as entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs; we then specifically train them for their fundamental role in the CEO of My Life program.

Our team of coaches and leaders utilize various approaches and methods to promote the best results during your child’s experience at our Academy.

Design Thinking

We encourage young students to pursue their creativity, explore their talents and learn to be unapologetically innovative. At this age, your child has the best possible potential for success – if honed and encouraged thoughtfully by leaders and mentors. We guide your child to think carefully find within themselves what natural talents and abilities they can use to add value to their lives and the world.

Lean Methodology

We want our students to be prepared to enter the workforce armed only with their natural skills and abilities, with small reliance on other outside resources.

Personal Innovation

Personal Innovation is essential in order to survive in an innovation economy. It is the only way to guarantee that youth are future-proof and able to design their lives by choice, not by default.


We focus on the STEM mindset – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These skills and talents are natural in our DNA, and we teach our students to capitalize on opportunities where STEM, business, education, design and community meet.

Holistic Teaching Methodology

Using core principles behind Preneurology, we encourage your child to take charge of their lives and determine their best route for creating value all around them. This gives them the additional skills and confidence they need to truly make a difference in the Global economy.

P.I.E. Certification

The CML program is the first system to train for personal innovation and to certify Personal Innovation Education. Obtaining this certification shows the hard work and determination your child put forth while being molded into a successful self-starter. The experiences your child will be involved in during our program range from digital curriculum to in-person teaching and coaching, as well as challenge-based experimental learning. In achieving their certification, we aim to see your child enter the work force with no qualms about how far they can go, and how much they can achieve.


Definitely one of the most encouraging parts of our program, we partner with various companies and organizations to allow students to gain knowledge and practice in real life innovation and partnership.

Innovationships are opportunities for the Intrapraneurs to work on a project with companies looking to innovate their business products or services. All students enrolled in the IncYOUbator program get to work on a design team with other youth, based on their talents and skill sets, to complete social innovation design projects unique to an organization or company.

On the flip side of business, Investorships are opportunities for young entrepreneurs to be matched with an investor who will coach and mentor them if they have a great idea and viable business model they’d like to pursue. The investors will allow the students to shadow at exclusive key events in the start-up and innovations community. Students receive help in launching their start up and get resources from the ATDC Georgia Tech Incubator.

Programs suited to challenge you and change your life

The CEO of My Life program brings out the best in people, providing a positive impact in every area of life including family, school, and day-to-day activities. It is a method that improves quality of life and quality of work as well as future-proofing your child for the innovative design of today’s world. By attending a CML summer program, your child will achieve astonishing results and uncover what drives them in life and how they can best direct their talents.

Top Eight Reasons to enroll in CEO of My Life

  • We have been running for over ten successful years and we only continue to grow
  • You will build an amazing network of likeminded peers by going through our program
  • We’ve helped over 5,000 students become the CEO of their lives
  • Our program guarantees personal development – so no matter what you do, you’ll be a success

  • We enable you to learnskills leadership from some of the world’s best leaders and coaches
  • Hands-on experiences with real, legitimate business cases from companies like Disney, Netflix, Panasonic, etc
  • P.I.E. Certification looks great on a resume
  • Forever access to a network of successful alumni